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It is not uncommon for the patients that come and see me for treatment for one issue also wish to have another treated. Perhaps there are underlying issues, which have been lingering for some time, that have just become part of the everyday. Lingering illnesses, chronic pain, gastric disorders (such as loose stools, constipation, bloating) and gynaecological issues where one's cycle is out of its natural rhythm and has been for some time are examples that often are the cause of the more acute painful syndromes, or perhaps even the reason for stress and sleep related problems. This is where acupuncture and Chinese medicine can truly shine.
Acupuncture and Chinese medicine practitioners always approach the body as a whole. Emotional and mental conditions can be seen, heard or felt in the physical tissues of the person and vice versa. Excessive bloating, headaches, pain and postural issues may be due to something which you might think is minor - like the menstrual cycle being slightly out of sync or perhaps the metabolism of food being not as good as it should be.
Within my Sydney and Crows Nest Acupuncture clinics I will provide all my patients with a full assessment of their health according to Chinese medical principles. This will involve pulse, abdominal and vessel palpation, observance of colour, questioning, and postural reviews. Often I will combine these assessments with any reports or findings from the current GP or specialist (or other health care practitioner of any modality). Following this treatment will commence. In most cases acupuncture is applied and in others a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Tuina (acupressure and massage), Guasha / Spooning / Scraping, and Cupping therapies (among other soft tissues manipulations). On occasion I will take my patients through specific breathing techniques (known as Neigong) which may be combined with stretching and lengthening exercises and dietary alterations.
Acupuncturists use a diverse range of modalities due to the presentation affecting different levels of the body's form. Often superficial soft tissue work for tendon and fascia adhesions, deeper massage and needling for muscular problems or herbal medicine for disorders of the internal organ systems (such as ulceration etc). If the disorder is very severe and deep that is when referrals to specialists may be required so multiple levels can be addressed (which may or may not include surgery).
So if you are suffering from pain, headaches, postural issues, gastric, respiratory, gynaecological or stress based disorders come and see me at either of my clinics in Sydney or Crows Nest for an initial assessment to see how Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help you.

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