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It has been a while since the last blog post and much has been happening in the world of Chinese medicine.
Last year in September I had the privilege of presenting a few papers at the 3rd Annual International Society for the Study of Classical Acupuncture (ISSCA) Scholar's Retreat. Once again this meeting of scholars was held at the breathtaking Trout Lake Abey in Washington State. We had a number of great presentations and discussion of classical Chinese thought and medicine. I light of the great work done by my peers in the USA I will be developing and teaching through a newly set-up educational framework, the Institute of Neijing Research (INR). This will be operated by myself in conjunction with various scholars and physicians from around the globe for the purpose of delving deeply into early Chinese thought and medicine. Currently we are in the process of setting up language classes, philosophy classes, and lecturers on Neijing medicine. Stay tuned for more information.
This year will see the return of the WFAS (World Federation of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Societies) symposium to Australian shores. The last one was a great success in 2004 on the Gold Coast and this years looks to equal that here in Sydney. For more information on WFAS 2013 please visit the AACMA's website ( I have not confirmed whether I will be speaking this year as other teaching commitments may mean I may be unable to attend.
Acupuncture and Chinese medicine registration has also come into affect as of last year. This is a very positive step forward for the profession and hopefully will see greater benefits in the future for patients, practitioners, and students alike. Research in acupuncture and Chinese medicine is a passion of mine and it is a great wish that the many traditions of this medicine are respected in modern research. This is not only for the validity of the research itself but for the nature and roots of the medicine, one which is intimately connected to the culture of early civilisation in China.
More news will follow shortly, for questions or queries please contact me via email at  or via one of my clinics Sydney City Clinic: Level 1, 32 York Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000 (02 92996688) or Crows Nest Clinic: 104a Willoughby Road, Crows Nest, NSW, 2065 (02) 80958255.
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