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Dear patients, visitors, and friends of David White Classical Acupuncture,
It is that time of year when I travel to Portland, Oregon and Washington for the annual scholar's retreat hosted by the International Society for the Study of Classical Acupuncture (ISSCA). Held at the beautiful Trout Lake Abey at the base of Mt. Adams in Washington State, the ISSCA Annual Scholar's Retreat is conference dedicated to the study and research of classical Chinese medicine. Every year scholars, practitioners, and students gather at this incredible location and present papers and workshops on advanced understandings of classical medicine, with a distinct focus on the Huangdi Neijing (黃帝内經).

This year I will be presenting two papers:

1. "No Space, No Matter: Pre-Han and Han Notions of Spatial Construction". This is a very fascinating subject to me. Spatial construction and the concepts of space-time found within classical Chinese texts (medical, legislative, and ideological) is the cornerstone of understanding the natural life sciences of these times. Sharing many similarities to the quantum physics notion of space-time, classical Chinese thinkers constructed their entire being around this concept. This paper will look at how spatial construction was vital to understanding and linking the cosmos (Tian 天), Human Beings (Ren 人) and Earth (Di 地) as three interdependent constructions. There will be specific focus on the cosmic view, the Ming Tang (Bright Hall), and both the Huainanzi and Guanzi texts in relation to ritual and medicine of the time.

2. Neijing Tendon Project: Cui Ci 焠刺 (Fire Needling) from Lingshu, Chapter 7 ( Guan Zhen 官針). ISSCA has been working on the "Neijing Tendon Project" for some time now. This year we will have a panel discussion on the tendon channels of the Neijing which are vital to understanding musculo-skeletal disorders. One of the key treatment methods of the tendons is Fire Needling or Heated Needling (Cui Ci 焠刺). This will be a brief talk followed by clinical demonstrations and group participation. For the patients of mine that have received these methods with the traditional needles, you will be able to account for its incredible effectiveness.
In addition we have some wonderful authors and translators coming this year. For the full schedule please refer to the ISSCA webpage at this link:

My clinic will be closed on the following dates:
21st August until the 5th September 2012. If you wish to make a booking by all means call and leave a message or even better email me at I will be checking emails every 2nd day. For bookings in the city please call that clinics number and someone will be able to book you in.

In good health!

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