Is Acupuncture for you?

Most people ask the average acupuncturist about what sort of pain can acupuncture treat and that they have heard it may help in fertility and other related issues. The truth is, however, that acupuncture can be used (in terms of treatment and management) for all types of diseases, disorders, and ailments. It is a complete medical system as much as modern medicine - acupuncture just approaches the body in a different light and hence is a different kind of practice.

It must be emphasised that Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine sustained the health of one of the largest early civilisations for over 2200 years. The ancient texts describe its use for very severe, chronic, and what would be considered emergency disorders. It is only through media exposure that the most people see acupuncture as being only beneficial for pain syndromes and fertility issues.

As more research will benefit the publics perception of acupuncture it should be noted that the majority of the research performed is done so through the lens of the modern medical paradigm. Naturally this is the most accepted approach in our current time, however, it is not the only medical viewpoint. This often causes acupuncture to be delivered in an un-dynamic, two dimensional fashion and hence much of it's efficacy is stripped from the application.

So is Acupuncture for you? The answer is yes - if you have any health issues. However, it must be emphasised, and this is particular in Australia that you must seek a qualified practitioner with decent experience. It is important that your practitioner understands both the dynamic basis and limitations of their medicine, otherwise it could be detrimental to your health. Do your research - find the practitioner that you feel will suit you best. Health and hence medicine is a very personal affair.

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