Acupuncture Sydney: Fertility and IVF Support with Acupuncture

As times change so do the people that live in those times. Whether it may be due to mental or physical stress, professional commitments, or a pre-existing condition, infertility (both male and female) being presented by patients in the acupuncture clinic is on the rise. Research and clinical trials have shown acupuncture to be effective in both the treatment of fertility and assisting those who may be undertaking IVF.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine has been used to treat and assist men and women suffering from fertility and sub-fertility for hundreds of years. In Chinese medicine the physician will access the patient in the same way they would for any other condition, with the exception of paying particular attention to a women's menstrual cycle and a man's sexual function. The causes of infertility from the Chinese medical perspective often revolve around the understanding of movement of blood, qi, and other bodily substances. Most commonly, these substances stagnate in either the organs, interstices, channels / vessels, and other associated structures. Acupuncture, moxibustion, and herbal medicine will aim to move, nourish, and balance these substances and the entire body and mind.

What has become increasingly popular of late is the use of specific, research (clinical trials) informed, protocols for the treatment of fertility and for IVF support. Clinically, however, these protocol based treatments are often not effective simply because patients, and the conditions they present with, are different. This is where acupuncture really shines as a clinical practice: individualised treatment for every patient. Clinical trials are based and very effective within the modern medical system and all to often do not translate well into Chinese medicine, which views the body from a different medical paradigm.

David consults and treats dozens of people a week who suffer from fertility issues and has great success in it's management and treatment. Additionally, David understands that people who seek acupuncture practitioners will also be seeing other practitioners and specialists. It is vital to the treatment process that each medical intervention can work together for the greatest benefit of the patient. Often David will consult with his patients gynaecologists, GP's, and other health professionals.

David's city practice (123 Clarence Street, Sydney, (02) 9299 6688) is located just around the corner from the Sydney IVF clinic in Kent street. David's North Sydney practice (3 / 41 Herbert Street, St. Leonards (02) 9906 7777) is located opposite the Royal North Shore Hospital.

For more information please visit or contact one of the above clinics for an appointment.

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