Acupuncture in Sydney: Neurological Rehabilitation as a Speciality

For the past 6 + years i have been studying privately under Dr. David Tai - one of Sydney's most well known and original characters in the Acupuncture community. I was initially invited by Dr. Tai to study under him in a particularly traditional student - teacher fashion. This was unexpected as Dr. Tai practices a very un-orthodox style of medicine (see Chinese Medicine: Style Defined). Now Dr. Tai is semi-retired - looking after his current, loyal patients and it was his vision that i could continue his style of medicine when he ceases to practice.

I have always been interested in the classical approach to Chinese medicine and acupuncture. It is my passion. What i saw in Dr. Tai's clinic initially was not the "traditional" acupuncture i had seen before - it was very different and much more dynamic. Having dedicated much of the last 6 years of my professional life to Dr. Tai's insertion methods, observational and palpation diagnoses i can say with confidence his acupuncture is more classical than most others i have seen. The major difference was that he termed it "neuro-anatomical acupuncture". This intrigued me and sent me on an exploration of a sub-speciality in treating neurological disorders.

I now am a consultant acupuncture physician to the Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney and run a speciality clinic with the Advance Rehab Centre in St. Leonards. There i combine the methodologies of "neuro-anatomical acupuncture" and "neijing classical acupuncture" to treat and manage patients suffering from disorders such as stroke, spinal cord injury, MS, Devic's disease, migraine, Cerebral Palsy and facial paralysis. The combination of methods has produced excellent results for many of my patients, both acute and chronic. I have Dr. David Tai to thank for his methods and look forward to continuing my studies with him in the future.



David White Classical Acupuncture

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