Acupuncture in Sydney: General and Specialist Practice

General Practice: Sydney Acupuncture Clinic:
My Sydney based practice located near Martin Place at 123 Clarence Street is a general practice. Here i consult patients who suffer from all sorts of conditions from pain, gynaecological, psychological and addictive disorders. I employ Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, and prescribe herbal medicines. Within my general practice i have a distinct focus on pain syndromes and gynaecological disorders, however, i have undertaken specific training in gastric and respiratory disorders too. At this practice i operate two to three rooms on Tuesdays and Thursdays within the very well known Sydney Bodywork Centre: (02) 9299 6688. 

Specialist Practice: St. Leonards Clinic:
Since March this year i joined the established and most prominent private rehabilitation centre in Sydney's northern suburbs the Advance Rehab Centre (and by association Mobile Rehab Innovations). Here i operate a specialist clinic for the treatment and management of severe and chronic neurological disorders. This is the first specialist clinic of its kind (providing acupuncture) in Australia. As i also see general patients here, 80% + of my patients are under the "neurological rehabilitation". I consult patients here on a Monday and Friday and in addition i visit inpatients at the Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney in Ryde.

I chose "to specialise" in neurological disorders as i saw it as one of the key areas of the classical period of acupuncture. Much of the ancient texts of Chinese medicine discuss the methodologies to treat and manage stroke, paralysis, and other associated neurological disorders.

For more information on my clinical practice be sure to visit or scroll down for further posts in relation to neurological acupuncture and stroke rehabilitation.

David White Classical Acupuncture

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