Acupuncture and Stroke Recovery

Acupuncture as a medical intervention for stroke rehabilitation has been in use for over two millennia. Like most neurological disorders the approach to appropriately treating and managing signs and symptoms associated with sequela of stroke requires a distinct approach. This is where the combination of Neijing Classical Acupuncture and Neuro-Anatomical Acupuncture is particularly effective.

The earliest systematic text on the clinical application of Acupuncture, known as the Huangdi Neijing (Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic), described very specific treatment techniques and pathogenesis in relation  to what is called "stroke" today. Of course, the approach to the body and the understanding of disease is very different in Chinese medicine from contemporary medicine. Chinese medicine's approach to stroke revolves around the understanding of how pathogenic factors (Xieqi) enter the body and progress into the bodily structure. This can produce both mild and severe disorders. These pathogens cause obstruction in the vessels and channels leading to the common signs and symptoms of stroke. This is not too far removed from the modern understanding of a stroke (or cerebrovascular disease) which is due to the sudden disruption of blood supply to the brain.

Understanding each approach to the disorder is important in Acupuncture practice - every practitioner must know each side of the coin in order to provide their patients with optimal care. Combining classical and neuro-anatomical acupuncture allows for effective treatment for spasticity, pain, paralysis, internal dysfunction (gastric, urinary, sexual, and respiratory disorders), and problems with speech, motor and sensory function.

It is with great pleasure that i have been able to set up the first Acupuncture Specialist clinic for neurological disorders in St. Leonards in conjunction with the Advance Rehab Centre. This centre provides a complete approach to Stroke recovery offering acupuncture, physiotherapy, orthotics, hydrotherapy, and other allied health services. Located minutes from Royal North Shore Hospital ARC health is the premier centre for neurological and orthopaedic rehab in Sydney. For consultations with David White regarding stroke recovery please call (02) 9906 7777. For more information on the centre and their services please visit

David White Classical Acupuncture

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